Pearson in Serbia

Longman opened its representative office in Belgrade in 1996. This office nowadays represents Pearson not only in Serbia but in Montenegro and FYR Macedonia as well.

Having been in the market for 15 years, we have made Pearson Longman a well-known and respected brand among teachers of English, students and their parents. This year we are gradually introducing the brand name Pearson as the main name to associate us and our products with.

We have worked with a lot of private and state schools and institutions in the country. We have cooperated with the Ministry of Education on a number of projects. In early 2000's, we took part in pilot projects on using our coursebooks in state schools. We have played an active role in teachers' professional development in Serbia, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia. We have organized more than 30 ELT seminars both with well-known teacher-trainers and authors from UK and with the local teacher-trainer, with more than 5000 teachers attending.

Our local office has the manager, 3 sales reps, the part-time teacher trainer and marketing assistant. We were rewarded as the team of the year at the Krakow Conference in 2009.

Sales have risen very significantly and there's still a big potential for growth in areas other than ELT. Since 2010, following the requirements of the Ministry of Education, we started publishing state school titles locally in cooperation with the local publisher.