culture CLOSE-UP

culture CLOSE-UP

culture CLOSE-UP

culture CLOSE-UP

Take your students on an amazing travel around the English speaking countries with culture CLOSE-UP - a brand new video pack for secondary!

makes learning fun and engaging,

easily adaptable to your students' level,

saves preparation time by offering a wealth of photocopiable materials.


Dreamed of using one video pack to cater for the different needs of your students? Here it is!

culture CLOSE-UP offers an new exciting journey to English-speaking countries and is available with two alternative voice-overs: easier and more challenging, to help your students make the most of the video experience in the classroom.

Switch the subtitles off to develop students' listening skills or switch them on if you want to focus on the language. Whichever you go for, the subtitles on/off function in culture CLOSE-UP allows you to to work on each aspect of language in a natural way.

Accompanied by worksheets on two levels and teacher's notes, culture CLOSE-UP videos are the ultimate video resources you may need on your lessons.


This all-in-one pack gives you videos on 10 different aspects of how native English students live, learn and enjoy their free time. Topics covered include:

American English voice-over: British English voice-over:
  • music
  • sport
  • media / digital lifestyle
  • festivals and holidays
  • cities in the US
  • appearance
  • media / digital lifestyle
  • leisure
  • cities in Britain
  • schools in the UK


Watch the sample, download the accompanying materials and upgrade your English classes!

Schools in the UK (A1)

Schools in the UK (A2)

A1 Students' Worksheet

A1 Teacher's Notes

A2 Students' Worksheet

A2 Teacher's Notes