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Natalia Elenskaya Kočović
Market Manager

“After seven years of being an ELT teacher I have some knowledge of what ELT is about and what my colleagues actually need in their professional development. That’s why I gathered an amazing group of young people who I hope will be able to help you.”

  Marina Mudrenović
ELT Representative
M: 063/370-148

“Teachers are different and so are students. The greatest reward of my job is when I help a teacher to choose the right coursebook that will make the most of her students’ potential.
  Milan Miletić
ELT Representative
M: 063/306–246

''To understand different peoples and cultures is something you can do by learning a foreign language and this has always been a great challenge for me. Then, to teach someone a language a real privilege and even pleasure, and finally, to support someone who is teaching an honour.''

Tamara Stošić

ELT Representative

M: 063/650-081

"I feel honored when I have an opportunity to support teachers in their work. Being involved in educational system of one’s country is a privilege and I believe that we can improve our education together with dedicated teachers that we cooperate with."

  Dragana Filipović

“I’ve been a teacher of English ever since 1981, teaching all age groups – from 4 to 84. I know how important it is to share your experience, knowledge and ideas with other teachers in order to be aware of where we are in our profession and where we are heading. That’s why I’ve become a teacher trainer. I would like you to become the best teacher you can be.”
    Darko Sibinovski

ELT Representative

M: 063/650-027


Vojvodina, Belgrade, Western Serbia